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sturen met een Porsche 928

Even more direct steering characteristics in your 928

The Porsche 928 is a fantastic driving car with good steering characteristics. Unfortunately, this may be very different after 30 years. It is possible that your steering rack bushings are worn out. You can replace these with original ones from Porsche, but your steering characteristics can be even better! We will tell you what these buses are and how we can improve them in this article.

The steering rack of the 928 hangs below the subframe of the engine. The steering rack is attached with rubber bushings through which bolts are placed. Due to age, the rubber bushings dry out and can crack. It also often happens that a 928 suffers or has suffered from oil leakage from, for example, the crankcase. This causes oil to get on the rubbers, which are then damaged and lose their strength.

Discovering worn rubber is difficult to see unless you have access to a bridge. It is noticeable in the steering behavior of the car. When you turn into a bend, the front wheels should actually turn directly
comment. If this does not happen immediately, but after, for example, turning the steering wheel by 10°, the steering box bushings may be worn. If this is much more, it may be that your hardex coupling is worn out. This is often not noticeable quickly, because it wears off slowly. Sometimes you don't notice it for a few years until you discover that a friend's car steers very tightly.

The solution to all these problems is fairly simple by using aluminum steering box bushings. These aluminum bushings replace the rubber bushings. These bushings are made to a close tolerance, so that they fit perfectly in the steering rack. Because the bushes are made of solid aluminum, there is no longer any play and you get a more direct steering feeling. In addition, you also feel better what is happening at the wheels, because this is no longer damped by the rubbers in the steering rack. In addition, the buses last a lifetime due to the use of aluminum.

Mounting the buses is relatively simple provided you have a bridge or a well. Because the steering rack only needs to be lowered, no alignment is required because the tie rods remain mounted. Of course we can also do this for you. Then go to

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