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Below you will find an overview of all installation manuals available for our own products. You can also watch our instructional videos for disassembly and assembly.

928 manuals

928 flex plate clamp

928 wheelhouse buses  

928 sunroof hinge

Porsche 928 speaker rings fix

Porsche 928 ventilation grille dashboard leather mounting

Porsche 928 sunroof hinge windcatcher repair

Porsche 928 speaker frames behind the front seats repair

Porsche 928 filler neck windscreen washer reservoir repair

Porsche 928 automatic shifter repair

Porsche 928 steering box bushings repair


Steering switch repair Porsche 911/944/928/968/986

928 temperature sensor cover

928 door panel repair

928 fuel cap repair

928 lamp frames

928 automatic gear shift repair

944 adjustable camshaft sprocket - NL

944/968 Multi belt modification

944 Turbo/S2 fog light cover