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944 Remap: Chip tuning for the 944 & 924S

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€500,00 - €500,00
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Finally a completely rewritten engine management, simply suitable for every 944 and 924S.

We thought it was time to modernize the 944 and completely rewrote the chip of the 944 on the dynamometer for octane 98 and modern EV6 injectors.

Because the current injectors of the 944 are old and often have a difference in output, we looked for a modern injector with approximately the same output. The choice fell on 4-hole EV6 injectors from Bosch, which we had professionally cleaned and delivered flow-matched.

The advantages

  • Better running engine, idle and mid range
  • More torque from 1000 to 6000 rpm
  • Torque increase of up to 22 Nm possible (our own result)
  • More power (we achieved 170 hp)
  • Lower fuel consumption (1:10.5 in the mix, even better possible when cruising)
  • Fast conversion (drive by service in about 3 hours)
  • I bet it will make you smile
  • In addition to spending money on more power, you have also done maintenance on your car, because the injectors show wear after 30 years and can cause annoying problems.

What do you get for it?

  • 4 cleaned, flow-matched original Bosch 4-hole injectors EV6
  • 1 EPROM with completely rewritten ignition and fuel tables and adapted for these injectors.
  • We install the EPROM in your ECU

Suitable for:

All 944 8V 2.5 ltr from 1985/2, so-called type 2. All 924S with 2.5 ltr engine.
The early ECU in 944 (Type 1 to 1985) is different and cannot be modified. However, there is a solution, please contact us for information.

Why this EPROM tuning kit?
Previously there were tuned eproms for sale for the 944. But they were all adapted for low octane fuel (92) and usually only updated for slightly better performance and unfortunately based on the old injectors. We thought it was time for a European version of this EPROM. Because our cars have higher compression and we have 98 octane, output can also be higher and fuel consumption lower.


Option 1: You must send us your ECU:

  • we test your ecu in our Porsche 944
  • We make the necessary adjustments to install the new EPROM
  • we'll test it again
  • we will send it back, including the injectors and your old EPROM
  • If you have the skills, you can easily replace the injectors yourself.
    Make sure you know how to handle leaking fuel.
    If not, a garage in your area can replace the injectors.

Option 2: (drive by conversion) incl. having injectors replaced:

In about 3 hours you will be 'ready to go' with your tuned 944.

We install the EPROM as described above.
We will convert the injectors for you for an additional amount of 162 euros incl. VAT.

Make sure you have filled the fuel tank with only octane 98 or higher. If not, we can offer you a bottle of octane booster.

Customer comments

Customer D
👌🏻 It runs very nicely. More peace in the block. Handles better, it also seems to have more torque at the bottom.

Customer W
Cold start last night after 7 days.
Starts immediately on 4 cylinders.
Have more power both at the bottom and at the top.
Temperature fine, pressure fine.
This customer is very happy with your chip so far.

Kunde H
I have a good feeling about the dust and the stability of the body and the CO with 0.8 eingestellt.
This is great food and fresh beef.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
René M.
Chip Tuning 944

Good and Fast Service
Shipment worked without any Problems.
The engine is more powerfull and runs more smoothly

Niels Wille
Great service!

The owner (Henk) gave me a lot of great advice. He was very responsive and patiently. Thank you very much!