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Porsche 944 trigger wheel kit 36-1 = 36-2 crank trigger

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We have upgraded the trigger wheel to 36-2 so you will have less trigger faults. We recently discovered this problem ourselves.

The current computer (DME / ECU / EMS) in your Porsche has its limitations. They break and repair is not always possible. When upgrading a 944 Turbo, it is wise to use a new programmable ECU.

A good solution is to use an aftermarket programmable ECU such as Megasquirt, VEMS, KMS, MSD, or one of the many others.

The most important signal for these programmable ECUs is the TDC (or VR) sensor (crankshaft position sensor).

Because the Porsche 944 was originally equipped with a double TDC (VR) sensor, this is a difficult setup for many systems to get working. A so-called Audi trigger method is often used with the camshaft sensor as input. However, this does have disadvantages.

We looked at what was available on the market and decided that this could be done better and cheaper. The result is impressive, this is the best, simplest and cheapest solution for mounting a VR sensor with 36-2 trigger wheel on a 944.

The best way to mount a crankshaft position sensor.

This kit is suitable for mounting a crankshaft sensor for the Porsche 924S, 944, 951 (Turbo) engine blocks. And is a "must have" if a programmable ECU is chosen. With this ready-made kit you can mount the sensor on your engine block. The kit includes the sensor, sensor support and trigger wheel.


  • Cheapest solution on the market
  • Very solid mounting of the sensor
  • Made of black anodized aluminum
  • Nylon 3D printed sensor holder
  • Supplied VR sensor
  • Suitable for cars with and without air conditioning
  • Suitable for the 924S, 944


The sensor bracket is mounted on the crankcase. The construction of this plate makes it very stiff and the mounting very sturdy. This provides a very solid base and the sensor does not have to be disassembled when replacing the V-belts.
After 4 trial versions we had a bracket that could be mounted perfectly.

The sensor support is made of anodized aluminum with a 3D printed Nylon holder on which the sensor can be attached. This holder is very strong and the sensor can be adjusted in the holder on the trigger wheel.

The trigger wheel neatly disappears behind the distribution covers and is therefore well protected against dirt.

To install this, it must be secured to the pulley with 4 small welds. The timing belt does not need to be disassembled. With just a small hole of 10mm in the hood then the sensor can be mounted in position. The trigger wheel included in the kit has a 36-2 ratio, which is the standard when using modern programmable ECUs.

This kit is suitable for vehicles with and without air conditioning, unlike other kits!

The support also includes extra long bolts to securely attach the sensor to the crankcase.

Assembly video

Suitable for:

  • Porsche 924S
  • Porsche 944
  • Porsche 951 (Turbo)

Contents set:

  • Sensor support
  • Trigger wheel 36-2
  • VR sensor
  • Extra long bolts for attaching the sensor support


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