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Porsche 928 bumper cap towing eye - 2 pieces (=set)

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This Porsche 928 bumper cap is often missing from our old Porsches. We have redesigned it and made it with flexible material. So not a simple 3D print but a full-fledged product produced with vacuum forming technology.
This makes mounting and dismounting easy and prevents damage to the bumper.

The cap is suitable for both the front and rear bumper. So take a good look at how many you are missing and also test the old ones because sometimes they break when you press on them.

Even better, buy 2 sets immediately!

Our caps are suitable for spraying in the correct paint color by roughening them. However, they are always original in black and not painted in the bumper color. There are two caps on each bumper.

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Quantity: 2 pieces

Material: Polyamide

Suitable for spraying

Suitable for:

Porsche 928 1978-1986


bumper cap, cover cap, towing eye cap

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