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Porsche 928 flexplate clamp on stock now!

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The great V8 engine of your 928 can be completely destroyed if you do not address this problem. This is called the flexplate problem.

The flexplate problem causes the crankshaft to be pushed forward, causing the axial crankshaft bearings to wear out quickly and ultimately the crankshaft and the bottom block are written off. The crankshaft, as it were, bores through the engine block. It's only a matter of 3 to 5 mm, but that's it.

Many designs and very beautiful products have already been made for this. We focused on pure functionality and came to the conclusion that all other designs make 1 mistake. A clamp is made from two halves on an axle consisting of three segments. The pressing force on the three segments is then never the same on the three segments. A simple vector force calculation shows this. The original Porsche clamp is also designed with a single bolt and two segments.

The clamp we designed has also remained relatively small so that the weight remains small. This keeps the centripetal forces that pull the clamp apart smaller.

This new clamp is made of 3 circle parts that fit perfectly around the original flexplate coupling sleeve. We use 3x M8 very strong 12.9 allen bolts to tighten the clamp to 40Nm. With this new clamp the problem disappears completely. It holds the driveshaft as Porsche engineers intended.

Below is a photo of the average 928 automatic, before and after releasing the original clamp. It can be seen (with difficulty) that the visible part of the splines becomes shorter. The clamp has therefore shifted slightly by loosening the bolt.

In our opinion, we have achieved the best solution for the lowest price. Assembly is quite simple, you can wait for it with us. For models up to 86 it can be done in about 2 hours. On later models the exhaust must first be dismantled.

Suitable for:

Porsche 928 S4, GT, GTS

Reference number:

92242125500, 92211604103


Flexplate problem, Porsche 928 engine problem, wear, torque tube

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