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Porsche 928 - air mass meter MAF overhauled (trade-in)

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A defective mass air flow meter can cause poor engine running. Revision can solve/prevent these problems. This part is no longer available originally, but overhaul is an excellent solution. Overhauling the air mass meter cannot always solve poor (idling) running.

Suitable for:

Porsche 928 S3, S4, GT, GTS

Part numbers:

Bosch: 0280214001

Porsche: 928606141X

Revised part:

It is possible to buy reconditioned parts for your Porsche from us. These parts have been overhauled and checked for functionality by us or other specialized companies. This solution is often cheaper than buying a new part. In addition, this offers a good solution if the original part is no longer available new.

To make this possible, you must send your old part to our address. After receipt we will check it for originality and possible damage. If your part has been approved for overhaul, the part you ordered will be sent to you as soon as possible. More information can be found here .


Lh-tronic, motronic, M28.41/42/47, M28.43/44 Lh-Jetronic 85- M28.45/46 1 86

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