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Porsche 928 speaker ring '89-'95

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That sounds like music to your ears. Finally there is a solution for your broken or bad looking speaker rings from the late Porsche 928 series. These original speaker rings are no longer available or you simply pay top price for them, we thought there must be another way. These black colored speaker rings are barely distinguishable from the original and have a very precise fit. This makes our fantastic speaker rings easy to install for anyone. These rings can be clicked onto the speakers. Earlier versions (up to '88) used screw thread. Our speaker rings also fit easily through the letterbox, so you don't have to stay home for them. That's great! ;)

Suitable for:

Porsche 928 1989-1995

Choose from:

928 speaker ring tweeter L1100.1 928.555.689.00 No. 12
928 speaker ring mid. range L1100.2 928.555.691.00 No. 13
928 speaker ring bass L1100.3 928.555.693.00 No. 14

When you buy a complete set of 6 rings you get a 10% discount.


We have one down here instructional video to be ready.

Reference numbers:

92855568900, 92855569100, 92855569300, 92864521100, 92864521200, 92864521500ESZ, 92864521500


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Thomas Materne
100% perfect

smart product and very good quality