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Porsche 928 mounting ring speaker set - 1983-1989

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The mounting rings of the speakers in the door are often broken due to age. Gluing does not work very well because the rings are screwed.

These rings are no longer available new and that is why we have redesigned and produced these speaker rings. The rings are an exact copy of the original in terms of shape and color and fit directly onto the original speakers. They are threaded. You can loosen this by turning it. You then only have to transfer the schedule.

On models from 1989 onwards, the rings are clicked into place. These are also available in our shop.

Suitable for:

Porsche 928 1983-1989

Package contents:

  • Two rings for one door panel


We have an instructional video ready below.

Reference numbers:

  • 92864542900
  • 92864542700
  • 92864542800
  • 92864542800
  • 92864543000


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