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Porsche 928 automatic gear shift repair set

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Almost every 928 with automatic transmission suffers from this, check for yourself. The lever develops cracks in the base and therefore feels a bit loose. Slide the rubber off the foot and check the lever.

The foot of the lever can even become loose where it is mounted. We even encountered this problem with a 928 GTS from 1995.

There are three ways to solve this problem:

1. Trying to repair it with glue, which lasts for two days.

2. Buying a new poker for €400 (!)

3. Buy this repair kit.

We have developed a mounting block that fits perfectly around the bottom and serves as additional reinforcement of the lever. Clamping using the supplied, extended bolts places less force on the plastic, so it no longer breaks so quickly.


We recommend installing this block preventively before it is really too late. It is also optionally possible to order a powerful plastic epoxy if you have only just discovered this product exists and your poker is almost completely broken. The block can be glued in place for extra strength. This is not necessary if no cracks have yet developed.


  • 1x block automatic gear lever
  • 2x mounting bolts
  • 1x plastic epoxy glue (optional)

Manual/instructional video

Reference numbers:

  • 928426075018YR
  • 9284260750130B
  • 928426075014RB
  • 928426075017LD
  • 928426075016JD
  • 928426075015JX
  • 92842617401
  • 92842627501


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