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Porsche 928 RDK tire pressure sensor Dummies - 2 pieces (=set)

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Since 1990, the Porsche 928 has been equipped with modern tire pressure sensors RDK (Reifen Druck Kontrol) that monitor the tire pressure.

Two sensors are mounted per wheel. These sometimes break and are very expensive to replace.

The sensors will have to be disassembled before powder coating your wheels again. These dummies can then be mounted instead of the original sensors.

The nuts and dummies have an anodized layer, which gives them extra long protection against corrosion, unlike the original nuts. Even though the nut is still good for reuse, it is still wise to use our new nuts.

Disassembly and assembly

To remove the sensors, first remove the tire from the rim, then the sensor can be removed using special Porsche tools. (see image) The dummy can be reassembled with this original tool.

According to the Porsche manual, the tightening torque of the mounting nut is 20 Nm

Part numbers:

1 - Porsche tools 0007219273
2/8 - Tire pressure sensor 92836102200/92836102300
3/6 - Tire pressure sensor nut 92836120301
4 - Porsche tools 00072192740

Yes we have the tools too

NB! There are two sensors in each rim!

Suitable for:

Porsche 928 S4/GT/GTS - 1990-1995


2x tire pressure sensor dummy

2x nut

2x o-ring


problem, replace tire pressure sensors, repair, powder coat rim, RDK nut

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