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Porsche 928 rubber clutch steering rod - hardy disk

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Do you suffer from play in the steering wheel of your Porsche 928? Your rubber coupling in the steering rod may be broken. (see photo) The rubber coupling connects the two parts of the handlebar. If this breaks, a dangerous situation arises because there is suddenly a lot of play in the steering wheel. It is therefore important to replace this coupling as soon as possible if this is the case. This part is no longer originally available. New flange nuts and two custom machined bushings are included with the coupling for easy and correct installation. Suitable for all years of construction of the Porsche 928. Replacing this clutch can also solve the problem of jerky steering.

Package contents:

  • Rubber coupling
  • Flange nuts
  • Steel vans

Part numbers:

  • 92834709301

  • 92834702104


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