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Porsche 928 fuel cap repair kit

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Is it time to repair the fuel cap on your Porsche 928? Then we have the perfect solution for you: the Porsche 928 fuel cap repair kit! With this handy set you can easily make your fuel cap working again, without having to buy a new fuel cap.

The repair kit contains a block that must be replaced to allow your fuel cap to lock into place again. It's super easy to do and will save you the cost of a new gas cap. No more hassle with a non-working fuel cap!

  • Easy to repair yourself
  • Saves the costs of a new fuel cap

Compare your current fuel cap with the photos to ensure you order the correct repair kit. There are two different types of fuel caps supplied by Porsche, with different core lengths. Choose the correct repair kit when ordering.

Don't have the time or desire to carry out the repair yourself? No problem! We can also do the repair for you and your fuel cap will be like new again within half an hour. Contact us for more information:

Would you like to know more about repairing your fuel cap? Then check the manual for detailed instructions.


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Quick, easy and it works!