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Blinker return repair set For all classic Porsche's 911-944-928-964-968-986-993-996

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Does your turn signal no longer return on its own? Then you can solve this cheaply with this repair set.

Over 100 sold, without any complaint

The switches of your Porsche wear out. We have redesigned the defective part for this purpose and developed a special kit with which the defective part can be easily replaced. Then you don't have to buy a completely new switch. This repair kit is not available anywhere in the world.

Two blocks are included that prevent the switches from falling apart with associated springs and catches. The new part is made of carbon-reinforced plastic so that wear and tear in the future is very limited.

This repair kit also includes new grease to re-lubricate the parts. You can disassemble the plate using the two drills and reassemble the unit using the supplied screws. You can also replace the sliding contact of the horn. (944/928/968)


  • Easy switch repair
  • Cheap alternative to new part
  • More wear-resistant than the original

Suitable for:

You can use the repair kit for the models below.

Fashion model: Construction year:
Porsche 911 (964) 1989-1994
Porsche 911 (993) 1994-1999
Porsche 911 (996) 1999-2005
Porsche 928 1978-1995
Porsche 944 (type 2) 1985.5-1992
Porsche 968 1992-1995
Porsche Boxster (986) 1997-2004

Repair kit contents:

  • Lever carbon reinforced plastic
  • Switch holders
  • Screws
  • Silicone grease
  • Drills

Repair instructions:

With the help of this manual and videos you can easily carry out the repair. Dismantling the switches including replacing the lever takes approximately 1.5 hours. (depending on model and type)

Download the manual here

Sleeping contact

For the Porsche 928 (1977-1995) and 944 (1985.5-1989), the sliding contact must be soldered in place of the old sliding contact.


NB! Does your car have an airbag? Then have the repair carried out by a specialized garage.


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Reference numbers:

94461351200, 94461350700, 94461351100, 94461350800, 94461351210, 94461350710, 94461351110, 9446135810, 92861331600, 9286133 92861331300, 9286133130001C, 92861330800, 9286133080001C, 92861330500, 9286133050001C, 92861331600, 9286133160001C, 9286133160101C, 92861331300, 9286133130001C, 9286133130101C, 92861330800, 9286133080001C, 9286133080101C, 92861330500, 9286133050001C, 9286133050101C, 92861310106, 92861310106, 9286133330001C, 9286133310001C, 9646133370101C, 9646 9646133320101C, 92861330800, 9286133080001C, 92861331300, 9286133130001C, 9286133040001C, 92861330500, 9286133050 001C, 964613346001C, 9646133460101C, 9646133450001C, 9646133450101C, 9646133400001C, 9646133400101C, 9646133430001C, 96461334 30101C, 9646133380001C, 9646133380101C, 9646133370101C, 9646133370101C, 9646133350001C, 9646133350101C, 9646133320001C, 99361335400 01C, 9936133540001C, 9936133530001C, 9936133520001C, 9936133510001C, 99661321910EWC, 99661321710EWC, 99661321510EWC, 99661321310 EWC, 99661321910EWC, 99661321710EWC, 99661321510EWC, 99661321310EWC


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
great set, blinker auto return works again

The new lever is easy to install, the switch now automatically returns as expected.
Also installed the new contact strip for the horn, the old one was deformed.
Car: Porsche 944 1985.5

robert grappey
réparation commodo clignotants

Kit de réparation fonctionne très bien, aucun problème pour le montage du rappel clignotant, malgré la pièce de maintient qui ne tient rien coté essuie glace, quand au contact de klaxon le modèle que j'ai reçu ne montait pas sur mon commodo, certainement pas la même année. Après quelques modifications ça fonctionne impeccable. Le plaisir de retrouver un klaxon et le rappel clignotant qui fonctionne parfaitement.