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How to search & buy in our shop

We sell mainly parts for 928 & 944 and where the same also 924 & 968 and we have a bunch of 987 parts. We have added better Search and multiple filters for you to find what we have for you.

We sell:
-Used parts, 
-New hard to find parts,Filter "_New"
-New developed parts, these you can find with the filter "_928-944parts"

Use the Search bar and type any product name or original part number like lamp frame or 92855568900 (without spaces or dots) and even half will work 928107 . Or use combined with categorie

Use the menu structure and filter the correct area, you can use double filters or more and also use different Sorting: price, date, best selling

On checkout page you can either press button checkout or you can take the shortcut for paying with Shoppay, Paypal, or Gpay.  The button checkout will show all other payment methods.  If you feel we should add a payment method, please let us know.