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Specialist in de onderdelen van de Porsche 928, 944, 968, 924, 987
Specialist in de onderdelen van de Porsche 928, 944, 968, 924, 987

We provide essential & hard to find parts & repairs for your classic Porsche

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Dear Porsche lover, we have upgraded our webshop so you can easier find what you need. We have added better Search and multiple filters for that. All parts have original Porsche partnumbers. We sell:
-Used parts,
-New hard to find parts
-New developed parts, these you can find with the filter "928-944parts"

As we work on these cars in our garage we discover in an early stage that parts are NLA (No Longer Available) from Porsche.

If possible we redesign these parts and have them produced. We take a high standard in that development.

Also we have developed a number of fixes / repairs so you don't have to buy an expensive original part. These parts are unique in the world. We are sure you will like them.

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    944 Remap: Chip tuning the 944 & 924S

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    Aankomende producten #1

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Hard to find part. Worked perfectly. Repair much cheaper than a new gas cap. Thanks for still supporting my old 928.

Allen Belcher

There was a problem with the shipping where two two items got mixed up. However the sellers responded the emails very quickly solved the problem in no time. Plus the tailight I had ordered was in pristine conditions so I recommend the site.

Eugenio Regolo

Great service and advice from Henk.. excellent front bumper light back boxes fitted the original light units with no modifications!

Michael Barnett

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