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928 Triggerwheel kit 36-2 crank sensor CPS

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€360,58 - €360,58
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For converting the early 928 equipped with the K-jetronics we have developed this 36-2 triggerwheel kit with a crank sensor.

This is the first step to convert the classic 928 to modern electronic injection.

Mounting time first time 2-3 hrs.

Complete crank sensor Kit:
-High quality parts, anodized or zinc plated.
-Incl sensor & V-belt

Why convert?
We have fine tuned many 928 K-jetronic with succes. But due to the amount of work and cost we thought it would be better to convert to electronic injection. And yes we agree, K-jetronic was a very well designed system with amazing results in driveability and power. But electronic injection will always surpass K-jetronic in matter of driveability under all circumstances, fuel consumption, torque on low rpm, cold start, hot start, maintainability. No doubt about that. Don't forget there was a reason to evolve to electronic injection.

The first signal any programmable system will need is a crank sensor. So that is where we started.
We will continue to develop the other components in the near future. But feel free to create something yourself.  Having an intake system of S2 will help you a lot. This cranksensor setup consists of 5 designed components and together they give you an easy to mount setup. 

The smart thing was to use a tube over the pulley and then the trigger wheel slides over this tube. To find the correct position for trigger wheel and sensor between the fan bracket was the hardest part. 5 sensors later we had a perfect fit. The tube has a raised part to assemble the trigger wheel against.


Airpump delete
The trigger wheel is mounted on the pulleybelt for the airpump. So you have to delete the airpump to have it mounted. The airpump itself has become redundant when you convert to electronic injection. So that saves money not having to rebuild the sqeaking bearings of the airpump.

Timingbelt change
During maintenance like timingbelt change, the sensorplate can easy be disassembled. The triggerwheel can be left on the pulley.

What models does this fit?
All the olders models 77-83 (928SS) K-jetronic have no crank sensor.

The 928S for US with electronic injection (up to 1983) also has no crank sensor.
The 928 models starting from the S2 (1984), already do have a crank sensor.

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