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924/944 Crankshaft sensor bracket Speed & Reference

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This is a redesign of the original Crank position sensor bracket with better functionality. 

For mounting the Speed & Reference sensor correctly

When you change a clutch or need to take out the engine, this could be your nightmare. You can easily spent an hour on this to get out. The tight area makes it a frustrating job. So we have a time saver for you.

Break & Snap off the original old sensorbracket. In 5 seconds your problem is gone..

This new sensor bracket has a few nice features over the old one:

  • Easy adjust the correct clearance with the bolt
  • Adjust the clearance with test light procedure since this bracket is not conductable
  • Sensors will come out easy
  • Mounting can be done with a 10mm wrench instead of the allen bolt
  • We deleted the third tdc sensorholder

For the turbo models you can still use the small ring to lift the sensor (because of the slightly bigger starter ring gear)

 Fitting models:

924 S 2.5 1986-88
944 2.5/2.7
944 S/S2
944 turbo

Original part number: 94410132107, 9441013210



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