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Porsche 928 Power steering return hose Repairkit

Oorspronkelijke prijs €54,00 - Oorspronkelijke prijs €88,00
Oorspronkelijke prijs
€54,00 - €88,00
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Power steering hoses can leak when the rubber gets old.

This is a repairkit for the very expensive power steering return hoses on the Porsche 928. These are only the flex hose parts so you can re-use the steel pipe. Made from very strong silicone.

Note that the return line is a low pressure hose.

It is important to check these hoses. Power steering fluid is flammable. 

Delivery Includes crimp sleeve for every separate hose. The repair must be done by a professional!

We can offer to do the repair for you, please contact us

 A + B  = 92834744917 and 92834744906 (1983 - 1986) S2-S3

A + C  =  92834744907 and 92834744909 and 92834744916 (1986 - 1992) S4-GT-GTS

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