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Porsche 944 Turbo Raptor #6

Oorspronkelijke prijs €1.755,00 - Oorspronkelijke prijs €1.755,00
Oorspronkelijke prijs
€1.755,00 - €1.755,00
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This turbo from Evergreen is the perfect upgrade for your K26. This goes beyond the K27-8 from the Turbo S. 

Mounting is easy since it uses the turbine side (hot side) of the original turbo K26.

When ordering this turbo we ask you to send your old K26 turbo with the parts as in the picture.


Raptor Series Turbochargers based on the original KKK K-26 Turbochargers only re using the turbine housing and bearing housing. The turbine housing is machined and profiled for our light weight 58mm turbine wheel that has 9 blades and produces very fast boost response. Beauty of this turbine set up is you can use the #6 turbine housing with this larger light weight turbine wheel or the #8.

The #6 will hit boost pretty hard in the 2500 RPM range and produce right at 350 HP with about 17 lbs boost.

The #8 boost response is closer to 2800 and get to the 400HP mark.

Billet K-27 compressor section supplies the flow into the engine and is supper efficient design. This brings the older design turbo into the future of high tech turbos. There is not one customer who does not love the performance of this turbocharger. Also will tell you since this is a turbo no one makes that the turbine design also drops the back pressure with a #6 turbine housing at 17 lbs boost to about 24 lbs back pressure. That is barely over  1:1 ratio which is excellent in a gas turbo application. That is with the # 6 turbine housing! This was a wonderful surprise when doing the testing with the Porsche shop.  The bearing housing is line bored plus .005 or .010 to get the bores perfectly parallel and within the .0003 tenths tolerance allowed by KKK. Seal area is also machined if not in standard spec to plus .010 with twin seals. 

Please Send us an email for ordering.