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944/968 Cup holder to replace ashtray

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Oorspronkelijke prijs
€52,00 - €52,00
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This is a beautiful replacement for the old ashtray in your Porsche 944/968. Completely in style with the original interior design. Exchanged in 30 seconds. Just remove the old ashtray and click this cup holder in place. For the 968 drivers, you will have to remove the ashtray lighting you probably never new it was there.

For coffee or can drinks.

Also a nice gift for a friend.

The surface is very similar to the original console. 

It is curved inside for easy cleaning.

We succeeded in a very tight and solid fitment after 5 prototypes.

Any additional wiring under the ashtray/cupholder must be removed for correct fitment.

NEW STOCK ARRIVED, plenty of beautifull cupholders now!

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