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Winteropslag Porsche

8 tips you should definitely know before storing your Porsche

Change oil before winter.
Oil can keep up dirt particles in your engine for several weeks or even months. But after a long period of time the particles will sink down to the oil pan and conrods. So if you change oil before the winter stop you will have much less particles inside the oil. And oil doesn't suffer from sitting in your oil pan, it degrades from working in your engine, not from sitting.

If your engine gets older it might be a good idea to have it flushed before new oil comes in. When you flush it, more particles will be removed from the inside, so new oil will have a longer live time.

It is so easily forgotten, when was the last time that you activated the electromotor of the passenger seats? If it sits to long it will get stuck sometime. And so for mirrors and windows.

The hazard light switch
Since our cars become more reliable because of increasing maintenance we actually never have to use this switch. We have seen so many that have got stuck.

And when you push it when you need it you might be a little stressed and then it happens, you push the button right through because the very tiny plastic mounting clips will break.

So especially for winter stop (or at least after) try the switch, and when it's hard to push, then make little moves up and down on the switch for 20 times or so. Ones it works, keep switching for 20 times.
The switches in our cars are made such a way that they clean the contacts when they are used. So switching will improve working capabilities.

Even a horn likes to be horned every now and then to prefectly getting stuck.

Moisture in your car
In the 944 the best place for rest is in the rear fender walls. Since we like to stuff up towels, cleaning products, oil can and lamps inside these fender walls it is not very much ventilated. And because of water leaking through the backlights there might be some water in there. So GET YOUR STUFF OUT THERE! Also prie the holes for water drainage which are inside there.

Leaves in the parafan of the 928
Yes there are leaves and moisture inside that parafan of your beautiful 928. There is a hole for water drain but not for the leaves.

Leaves Porsche 944

The best way to clean is with air pressure and compressed air gun. It will take about 20 minutes of blasting through and your car needs a wash after that.

Simply open up the parafan cap by taking off the seal between motor and parafan. Then the parafan cap can be removed.

Leaves and moisture in 944 / 924 / 968
There is a drainage located around the battery, location depends on year of build. The best way to clean is with a compressed air gun. Make us a picture of yourself after that job.

On most 928 we see drain of battery during time. On a 944/924/968 it is very rare. So on a 928 it's best to disconnect the battery. You can also put a charger on of course, just check a few times if it is still working / charging.