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Who are we?

From passion to product

The Porsche 928 is certainly not the easiest classic to delve into. We have analyzed, repaired and even devised new solutions for many possible malfunctions.

We have also carried out all possible repairs on the Porsche 944.

Based on passion and therefore a lot of effort, we have become a specialist for the 928 & 944 in particular. Our knowledge of the 924 and 968 is also at a considerable level. We are also at home in the maintenance of the Boxster 986 and 987 and 996 and also the Cayenne.

With our specialist knowledge of transaxles in particular, we can maintain, repair, troubleshoot these Porsches, carry out modifications, overhauls and increase engine power. For repairs we use new original parts or good used parts from our warehouse. You can go here for repairs and maintenance.

Based on this specialism, we have started developing parts that are no longer available. We develop these components in-house, so that we can test and improve the component in practice. We also devise modifications for parts that often break or improve these designs. These are marked in the shop with "928-944parts".

Henk: Owner

Sjoerd: Mechanic