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Transaxle bearings Torque tube

The annoying noise from transaxle bearings (the tool)

Torque Tube

Age and miles, both are responsible for the transaxle bearings to fail. The grease is old and not working as grease should. So the bearing runs metal to metal and starts to wear down. Then after 40 years they finally failed.

Quite annoying when you have a nice maintained Porsche transaxle and all driving come with this bearing noise. And it is a costly operation to replace those bearings because of the amount of hours involved in doing that job.

So as we do a lot of these Porsche's I saw this problem running towards me. After a few engineering attempts we came to the Columbus egg solution . We leave the transaxle in the car, the rear axle does not have to be removed. And with this tool we replace the transaxle bearings under the car.

It became a tool and a method.

Some upgrades later we are now happy with it working fine.

We are sure this can be done with any 924/944/968.

For the manual versions of the 924 / 944 (non turbo) we can fix the price for this repair to:

Only 1599 euros incl VAT .

For the 944 turbo and 968 we will need a few additional hours.

The 928 we do conventional because it is more easy to take the transaxle out of the car. Our tool can also be used with the transaxle out of the car.

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