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Porsche 944 chip tuning

Would it be possible to make your Porsche 944 run better, have more torque and power and start better?

Modern injectors are the best step to improve the drivability of your 944

Do you want to overtake or be overtaken?

We apply technical development in a classic Porsche 944.

The engine runs better, has more power, better cold starts and is often more economical.

Chip tuning for the Porsche 944

With our custom rewritten chip, the '944 Remap', and a set of modern EV6 fuel injectors, you can effortlessly transform your Porsche 944. This tuning set is truly unique in the world. Never before has the chip of the Porsche 944 been so expertly rewritten and fully tuned for high-quality fuel with an octane number of 98. Thanks to the use of modern EV6 injectors, which atomize significantly better than the original injectors, your engine will not only start smoother and more beautiful. walk, but also deliver more power.

Our tuning packages

Each set consists of 4 flow-matched injectors (equal output). Choose from the following packages:

  • Package 1: Remap chip and new EV6 injectors - 840 euros
  • Package 2: Remap chip and overhauled EV6 injectors - 675 euros (limited availability)
  • Package 3: DIY package - Remap chip and overhauled EV6 injectors - 500 euros (limited availability)

Suitable for 944 type 2, from 1985

Our tuning set is only suitable for 944 type 2, so from 1985.

Limited offer

We have currently been able to put together the following sets again

10 sets of reconditioned EV6 injectors

2 sets of new EV6 injectors.

Order now and install later. Prepare for the new season.

Let us do the installation

Would you rather leave the installation to us? Our installations are fast and professional. The installation is completed in approximately 2 hours and you are ready for the return journey.

Order now

Order now and benefit from our unique tuning set for the Porsche 944. With more than 10 successful test installations, we can say with certainty that this tuning is an undisputed success.


Please note: the use of our tuning set may affect the warranty of your car. Therefore, always consult your dealer's warranty conditions first.

944 Remap: Chip tuning for the 944 & 924S 928-944parts