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Porsche 928 ventilation grille with leather dashboard '78 -'89

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The leather dashboards of the Porsche 928 are equipped with a ventilation grille for demisting (preventing the windshield from fogging up). This part is no longer originally available and often needs to be replaced when re-upholstering your dashboard. This part is identical to the original and made from a similar plastic. We recommend replacing both sides for optimal results.

Suitable for:

Porsche 928 1978-1989 (with leather dashboard)


There is currently no manual available.

Reference numbers:

92855202152, 928552021521AJ, 9285520215220B, 928552021523NG, 9285520215240D, 9285520215230B, 9285520215250B, 9285520215260S, 9285520215220S, 92855202152, 928552021522LB, 92855202152GT9, 9285523095070B, 928552021522LB, 92855202152GT9, 9285523105070B


repair, dashboard reupholstery, dashboard vent frame, leather, coastal leather, reproduction, Discontinued Porsche Parts, NLA, no longer available,

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