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924/944 Crankshaft sensor bracket Speed ​​& Reference

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This is a redesign of the original Crank position sensor bracket with better functionality.

For mounting the Speed ​​& Reference sensor correctly

When you change a clutch or need to take out the engine, this could be your nightmare. You can easily spend an hour on this to get out. The tight area makes it a frustrating job. So we have a time saver for you.

Break & Snap off the original old sensor bracket. In 5 seconds your problem is gone..

This new sensor bracket has a few nice features over the old one:

  • Easy adjust the correct clearance with the bolt
  • Adjust the clearance with test light procedure since this bracket is not conductable
  • Sensors will come out easy
  • Mounting can be done with a 10mm wrench instead of the allen bolt
  • We deleted the third tdc sensor holder

For the turbo models you can still use the small ring to lift the sensor (because of the slightly bigger starter ring gear)

Fitting models:

924 S 2.5 1986-88
944 2.5/2.7
944 S/S2
944 turbo

Original part number: 94410132107, 9441013210

Speed ​​sensor

Sensor support

SKU L1147

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