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Porsche 924, 928, 944, 968 Torque tube overhaul, new!

Original price €907,50 - Original price €1.149,50
Original price
€907,50 - €1.149,50
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If you hear a screeching sound coming from under your 924/944/968/928, the torque tube bearings may be worn.

This noise occurs both when idling and while driving. The noise will not diminish over time, but eventually the bearing may fall apart completely. Unfortunately, greasing or lubricating is not possible, you just can't reach it.

A torque tube has 3 or 4 bearings that are worn out after many kilometers over 40 years.

After replacing these bearings, the axle is quiet again and you can enjoy your Porsche more.

Our preference and that of many customers is to overhaul your own torque tube instead of working with an exchange system. This costs us approximately one day of lead time.

Extension torque tube

To remove the torque tube, the exhaust, gearbox, clutch and the entire rear axle must be removed. It usually takes 10 to 14 hours of work to remove and install. This depends on how tight everything is. If there is a lot of rust, it becomes difficult to loosen the bolts. We can of course also do this for you.

Revolutionary solution 924/944/968

Well I have good news for you, the rear axle can remain in place. The transaxle tube can simply remain hanging under your car.

We have developed a method and tools that allow us to replace the transaxle bearings without removing the transaxle from under the car.

An additional advantage is that the car does not require additional alignment, as nothing has changed in the suspension.

It's still a lot of work, but it's much easier now and the risk of it not working is virtually zero. Having to disassemble a rear axle carries the risk of failure.

We now have so much experience with this repair that we can even offer a fixed price for it, an insanely low price compared to the conventional method.

So not 2500 euros, but only 1750 euros incl VAT . This price applies to the 944, 944S, 944S2, 924S, 924.

Overhaul torque tube

Special tools and knowledge are required for overhauling to correctly disassemble and assemble the axle. We have created a special setup with a press for this. Some people think it can be done with a hammer.

We also have used torque tubes in stock if your torque tube can no longer be overhauled. This can happen if damage has occurred to the axle.

Please contact us to request a revision. You can do this by contacting us or adding this product to your trunk and paying for it for free.

Revision prices*

Type: From price: (incl. VAT)
Porsche 928 €907.50
Porsche 924 €907.50
Porsche 944 €907.50
Porsche 968 €1149.50

*From prices subject to change

How do I recognize worn torque tube bearings?

  • Screeching noise coming from the center tunnel while driving/idling
  • Place the gear lever in neutral. Depress the clutch pedal. The shaft will then slowly turn out. The noise then decreases until the axle comes to a standstill and the noise is gone. If this is a clear screeching sound then the torque tube bearings are worn.
  • Watch one of these videos:
  • Or visit us for an assessment

Why have us overhauled?

  • Shipping of torque tube is possible
  • We use very good quality bearings
  • We have a large number of used torque tubes in stock
  • If desired, the coupling can also be replaced during this repair. We have the necessary parts in stock for this
  • With the 928 automatic, it is wise to immediately replace the old flex plate clamp with our new clamp.
  • We have a lot of experience to make every repair a success
  • It is wise to look carefully at other parts that may need to be replaced. Dismantling and assembling the torque tube takes a lot of time, making it more efficient to replace more parts at the same time.
  • We can advise you in advance what the best approach is for your Porsche

What is a torque tube?

The Porsche 924, 944, 928 and 968 are equipped with a torque tube. This is a shaft that connects the engine to the gearbox. (see image) This ''tube'' contains bearings (no. 11 drawing) that wear out over time. This will cause a screeching sound which can be annoying.

Porsche 944 torque tube

Can I also disassemble and assemble my torque tube myself?

Yes, this is certainly possible, but it is a big job, even for an experienced tinkerer. In addition, having the right tools and a lifting bridge is necessary.

Please contact us to request a revision. This can continue to contact us .


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Reference numbers:

Model and year of manufacture: Part number: Transmission:
928 78-82 92242101203 Vending machine
928 92842101213 G28.03
928 -80 92842101213 G28.03
928 80-95 92842101226 G28.05/12/13/55/57
928 83-95 96042101207



944 83-91/924S 94442101202 Manual transmission
944 83-91/924S 94442110703 Vending machine
944 84-85.5 94442110702 Vending machine
944S2 94442101215 Manual transmission
924 76-85



Manual transmission (4) XT YR
924 76-79 477521230A/477521230AX Manual transmission (5) VA VB
924 Turbo/GT 931421012AX Manual transmission G31.01/02/03
924 Turbo 81- 93142101202 Manual transmission MB MX
968 94442101221/944421012CX Manual transmission G44.00
968 94442110705 Tiptronic A44.00

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