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Porsche 924 / 944 2.5 8V - Adjustable camshaft sprocket

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When you trade in your camshaft sprocket, you will receive 25 euros in return .


Simple installation, replaces the existing pulley, supplied with a new key and bolt.

  • Adjustable from -4° to + 5° with degree marking.
  • With original zero position.
  • TriPass Yellow Special galvanized for better corrosion resistance.
  • Core made of better steel than original, making the keyway stronger.
  • Purely centered.
  • 10.9 M8 allen bolts so very strong
  • Suitable for 924S, 944 2.5 8V, 944 Turbo
  • Safe to use, the maximum adjustment prevents valve damage.
  • The adjustment does not have to be done on a roller bench, you can do it safely yourself.


This new adjustable camshaft gear allows the timing of the camshaft to be adjusted. By adjusting this timing, the torque band changes position, resulting in maximum torque being reached sooner or later.

Many of the current engines have now had their cylinder heads overhauled and flattened, sometimes even several times. This causes the cylinder head to be slightly lower, causing the timing to be off. The timing can be corrected with this gear. The current gears are also not all produced exactly the same, there are small differences in the position of the key.
When using a special camshaft or other engine adjustments, this adjustable camshaft wheel is a must.

This adjustment allows the speed of maximum torque to be shifted, which influences the driving characteristics.
For racing use the torque can be moved to a higher speed for a higher final power, (to 5 degrees)
For street use, a lower speed can be selected for higher torque in the operating range 2000 to 3500 rpm (towards 4 degrees).
You don't have to go to a roller bench to adjust it, you can safely adjust it yourself and experience the difference.

The camshaft sprocket has been designed by us for all 8 valve 2.5 liter engines of the 924S and 944 8V (Turbo) Porsche engines.


It is possible to adjust the sprocket while it is mounted on the camshaft. The sprocket is designed in such a way that no adjustments need to be made to, for example, the timing cover.

The gear is adjustable over a total range of -4° to +5° camshaft . This is the maximum rotation you need. There is no point in turning the gear more/less, because then you will never reach your maximum torque again. This makes it impossible to turn the gear so far that the valves can touch the piston, which could cause engine damage.

To make adjustment easy, there are degree markings on the gear, so you can see which rotation you have set.


By using the original sprocket we can offer a cheaper alternative compared to other providers. This actually only has advantages, because the properties of the teeth do not deviate from the original and the required quality is maintained.

The core of the gear is made of high-quality steel, which is stronger than the steel originally used for the gear. The weak point of the original sprocket was always the key, which can tear out due to poor installation or high load.

The sprocket is secured with four high-quality 10.9 M8 bolts, ensuring an excellent clamping of the two parts.

Package contents:

  • Adjustable camshaft sprocket
  • Spie
  • Camshaft sprocket bolt
  • Instructions for use Dutch

We supply a new original key and bolt with the sprocket, because reusing these parts can lead to defects.


Reference numbers:

  • 94410554503
  • 944.105.545.03
  • 944-105-545-03
  • 944 105 545 03


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Tyler Kolbo
Adjustable cam pulley

The company was very prompt in responding to my request. The product is exactly what I needed. No one in the states produces this.

Thank you,

Jeff Valence

Expedition ultra rapid!!! bravo!!! Je n'ai pas monté encore la pièce.