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Porsche 928 filler neck windshield washer reservoir

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This newly designed filler neck for the windshield washer reservoir of the Porsche 928 is of excellent quality and almost unbreakable. This filler neck has been redesigned in such a way that it is suitable for all years of manufacture, including the early '77s. The original Porsche cover fits on it.

Completely redrawn in 3D. We have now been able to produce these in white with a smooth surface. This way the original appearance is preserved.

The corresponding cap and hose for connecting to the reservoir are also available in our webshop. The latter is sometimes torn or tears during disassembly.


  • Stronger than original
  • No metal ring to rust
  • White color for original look
  • Suitable for all years of construction 928

Package contents:

  • Filling neck incl. extension


Reference numbers:

  • 928.528.179.01
  • 928.628.179.00
  • 92852817901
  • 92862817900


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