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Porsche 944/968 - trunk cover end caps

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Due to aging, these caps break, resulting in the ''rollo'' no longer rolling in and out properly. This repair set makes it easy to solve, even for the inexperienced technician.


  • Repair kit for one rollo
  • Easy installation
  • Colour black

Suitable for:

Porsche 944 (type 2) from 07/1985

Porsche 968

Part numbers:

477863517A05T, 477863517A89S, 477863517A9MM, 477863518A05T, 477863518A05T, 477863517A05T, 477863517A89S, 477863518A9MM, 47786 3511A, 477863511A05T


roller, rollo, cover, trunk cover, upholstery, cover, luggage, tailgate

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